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Benefits of Bees

At 10 am Saturday, Feb. 16th, the Biodiversity Education Center at Coppell Nature Park will feature the “Benefits of Bees”. Sponsored by Friends of Coppell Nature Park admission is free, but registration is recommended at

If bees didn’t exist in our world today, it would look like a very different place – and our lives wouldn’t be nearly the same. These industrious insects have been around for roughly 125 million years and although bee numbers are sadly declining, the remaining survivors continue to act as invaluable resources to our planet in numerous ways. Bee hobbyist Bruce Crozier will be talking about this fascinating insect.

“We will discuss why bees are different from other insects and bugs,” said Beekeeper Bruce Crozier. “Plus, we will look at their hives and the threats to bee populations today. We will also discuss Africanized Bees and their migration into Texas.”

Bruce Crozier

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