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Volunteer at Coppell Nature Park

The Friends of the Coppell Nature Park and their many volunteers have supported maintenance of over six miles of nature trails at the 66-acre Coppell Nature Park at Volunteer Work Days for over 20 years.  Volunteers help keep the Coppell Nature Park beautiful.


The City of Coppell recognizes and welcomes the extraordinary value volunteers bring to public stewardship, citizen engagement, and additional resources in support of programs, projects, events, and activities.  As the park evolves, we also have taken this opportunity to update our volunteer registration and sign-up process.


Beginning in September 2023, the City of Coppell supported by the Friends of the Coppell Nature Park are moving our trail maintenance volunteers from VolunteerSignUp to Coppell Connect powered by MyImpact.


All volunteers will now set up a new account in Coppell Connect.  Once the account is set up, adult volunteers will be asked to provide consent for a background check. Teen volunteers will not require a background check, but will instead need a parent or guardian consent waiver.


Once adult volunteers set up their Coppell Connect account, they will receive an email with a form granting permission for a background check.  Teen volunteers will provide a parental consent waiver and complete an on-line customer service short course.

Adult and teen volunteers, once registered and approved, are ready to volunteer at the Nature Park and will receive a welcome email with instruction on how to find and sign up for volunteer day opportunities

For information about how to sign up and use Coppell Connect MyImpact contact the BEC at or 972-304-3581.

If you would like more information about the change, contact FCNP at

Volunteer Registration & Signups

If a first time volunteer, first complete a Teen Application or Adult Application.  Select "Fill in an application" at the bottom of the web page presents.
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