About Us


The Friends of Coppell Nature Park (FCNP) promotes the preservation of our natural environment through conservation and education. The Park's development has been fostered by citizen and youth participation. Community service and education work hand-in-hand with youth and adults to further our quality of life. The park represents a learning experience for students and a peaceful retreat for all citizens of this Northwest Dallas County area.

Mission Statement​

Friends of Coppell Nature Park’s (FCNP) mission is to nurture an appreciation of our natural environment, encourage, outdoor experiences, and foster nature education. FCNP pursues this mission by partnering with the local community, City and School District to maintain the natural environment of The Park, and provide engaging programs at the Biodiversity Education Center (BEC). Underpinning these efforts are high conservation standards and an objective of raising a strong sense of community and environmental service for future generations.

Strategic Vision

FCNP will work to elevate the value of the Nature Park and the BEC by raising awareness, enhancing usability, and expanding programs.


FCNP will continue its efforts to fulfill this vision through:

  • Ongoing preservation of the natural environs of the Nature Park and maintenance/enhancement of the trail system and nature classrooms.

  • Enhancement and expansion of hands-on learning opportunities at the BEC and in the Nature Park.


In addition, FCNP will work with the City of Coppell to enhance the visibility and functionality of the Nature Park and the BEC. The following high-impact enhancements will require funding support from the City and can reasonably be completed within this Strategic Plan time horizon.

  • Placement of monument signage at the Wagon Wheel Park entrance highlighting the presence of the Nature Park and the BEC, along with signage in the parking lot guiding people to the area where the Nature Park and the BEC are accessed.

  • Kiosk signage near the Nature Park/BEC access areas profiling the Nature Park environs and trail system, and the BEC facility.

  • Development of a ‘Nature Explore’ type outdoor environment adjacent to the BEC to engage families and children with the natural world.

  • Enhance the usefulness of the Observation Deck for large classroom nature instruction by adding parachute-type shading.

Strategic Plan

The Friends of Coppell Nature Park Strategic Plan for 2017-2022 with 12-18 month action plans can be viewed here.


Officers & Exec Committee

President:              David Goodner

President-Elect:      Linda Cook

Past President:       Kathy Martin

Treasurer:              Jane Kleid

Secretary:              Cindy Wolfe

Historian:               Vonita White

Director:                Lou Duggan

Director:                Judy Parsons

Director:                Pam Graham

Director                 Jana Tidwell

Director:                Bruce Wilcox


Tom Baumgarten

Cathy Douglas

Trey Douglas

Mike Martin

Shalon Quinn

Pam Varnell

Betsy Wilcox

Christine Wordlaw

All Officers & Executive     Committee Members

Advisory Council

Monica Alexander

Holly Andereson

Sukanya Basu

Pete Cotting

Laronna Doggett

Ed Ferguson

Scott Latta

Lloyd Mauch

Peter Parish

City of Coppell Representative - Cynthia Contreras